The simplest, most solid and safest solution for depositing keys and keycards. The KeySecurityBox – your solution alsways and everywhere.

The simplest, most solid and safest solution for depositing keys and keycards into a dropbox – trusted by thousands of companies

The compact KeySecurityBox is the simplest solution for optimal security of keys and keycards. It can be installed anywhere, both on and in walls. And if there are no walls available, you can anchor the key safe on a console or floor. The KeySecurityBox is entirely mechanical and the way it works is obvious to evereyone at a glance.

Solid The key safe is strong – and with the exception of the intelligent deposit wheel, it is made of solid steel. Because the dropbox has only one moving part, it is extremely durable, weather resistant and extremely reliable. You know your keys and keycards are safe, because ‘fishing’ for keys is impossible.

Safe Turn the deposit wheel upwards until you see the opening, place the key or keycard inside the dropbox, release the roll so that it falls back automatically and the key falls into the key safe. It couldn’t be simpler. And to prevent the safekey of the KeySecurityBox themselves falling into the safe, they are attached to a large key chain that doesn’t fit in the deposit wheel.
International This is the perfect solution for companies around the world for key security. This key safe is ideal for keys and keycards to car rentals, leasing, cars dealers, hotel rooms, apartments or other remote (company) buildings. This keysafe dropbox is an important step in preventing theft, loss and break-ins and is greatly appreciated by its users.
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